Listening For Light

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Listening For Light Book I

“Winging It”
By Karen K. Russell

These loving Lessons or Messages began to be received through my hand around 1990.  That spring I had had a special directive.  Watching a TV documentary on Gandhi, he was shown arriving at a peace conference in London, when three words appeared to the right of the screen: “Go to Caux”.  They hung there 1-2 seconds, then vanished.  I was alone as Logan was away on a medical shift out of town.  I stared in disbelief.  “What? When?”, I finally asked.  Silence.  My mind raced with questions.

We first had been to Caux (Cōh), Switzerland last year just for tea and the bishop had been part of the original group to set up this isolated, beautiful peace conference site.  His daughter, L’s aunt Frannie, had lived and worked there for years.  When L. came home he was as amazed as I but trusted that somehow I would be directed as to when to go.  In 2-3 weeks, a bona fide invitation arrived from Aunt Frannie for that July!  L. simply said, “Well! You must go!”

Four months later, after going to Oberammergau’s Passion Of Christ celebration with some members of our china group, I arrived at Caux, a fabulous palace now used as a peace conference center, perched atop a lovely hill.

Used with permission from Aerodrome de la Gruyere

The conference was like a beehive and I kept searching for why I was there but nothing seemed to be a match.  Reluctantly, I decided to try the absolute last possibility on my list, getting up very early for “quite time” like so many did each morning.  I had sleepily observed Joan up at 5-5:30 writing or studying her bible – neither of which I ever did.

The next a.m. I bundled up and sat out on our wonderful balcony (to give her privacy), in awe of the dawn over the alps.  I began by writing my gratitude for everything that had brought me to this moment, then asking “why am I here?” again.

As I became attentive and focused, I felt like I returned half to sleep, my body became heavy, relaxed.  Soon I felt a flow of energy come down my arm into my hand.  As I watched, detached, my pen pressed down and wrote “Be Here Now” in slow, shaky letters.  “Wow!” I thought from a tiny mundane part of my mind.  “So this is quiet time…I’ll finally join the others, be a part of them.”

However, when I glowingly reported to Joan of my experience, expecting her approval at last, her face changed and she asked, “Was there a message for me?”  My brain felt a jolt.  “Oh, now I’m not one of them, I’m experiencing something weird!?”  But rather than disappoint her, I asked if there was something she wanted to know (could I ever do this again?).  She sadly said, “My brother John just died suddenly and I want to know if he’s okay.”

The next a.m., repeating my process, I mentally asked, “What about John Holland?”  Immediately he appeared.  He looked like Joan but seemed a bit shy.  He was turned to the side and had one wing!  He looked into my eyes and the message came clearly, “Please tell Joan that I’m all right.  I’ll stay near my family until the boys are through college.”  Then he disappeared.  I sat, stunned, a thousand questions racing through my head.  I told Joan of this vision and her face became peaceful, even happy.  “That was just like John.  He was always so responsible!”

Each morning thereafter I became a sleepy scribe, recording whatever came to me from this unknown source.  Some messages were long, some brief, always pertinent, loving, non-judgmental, a bit other-worldly.  In  time, even though I decided that I would curb my curiosity about everything and just faithfully record, the teachers revealed a bit about themselves.  I learned that they were never in mortal form, they were (are?) usually seven in number, do not judge, only point the way to those who seek Light.  Their forms of script through me are often individual – some rounded, some back-slanting, some forward, one who writes between the lines and one who furnishes words with a sharp point (the closest to a judgment call).

I rarely have visions (like John H.).  I have learned to be very patient with myself when trying to quiet completely so that I can “hear” the Lessons.  I confess this because I am much like you, my mind wants to skip about like spilt mercury.  One just has to first have the intention, the desire.  They advise very early mornings are the best, before the energy of a city begins to flow.  Have a quiet place, even light a candle if you wish.  Writing is not for everyone, I’m told.  There are other ways of Receiving, of Listening.

These wise Teachings are presented with my hopes that you shall find your own Path; study each one as it applies to your life, try asking yourself, “What if this is true?”  For me, it is my great honor to present Listening For Light to you and others.  I wish you abundant Blessings.