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Listening For Light
Listening For Light Blog Listening For Light, Karen K. Russell

Karen K. Russell has been transcribing lessons passed to her from the Brotherhood of Teachers for more than 20 years.  The Listening For Light publications condense material from this vast archive into accessible fragments we can carry with us and use for daily meditations and inspiration.

However, this work of receiving also continues today and Karen would like to share these present-day Teachings with you.  We’ve created this blog to post lessons which have come most recently and have not been published elsewhere.  In some you will find the familiar, universal message from the Teachers, in some commentary on current affairs but always through the eyes of the enlightened Guides.

April 16, 2015

Listening For Light, BOOK II is now available (as of April, 2015)

I am happy to announce that Book II is now on the bookshelves (in Santa Fe) and can also be ordered online (from this site and from Blurb Books, our publisher).

You can review both books on our Book Page and order copies directly from there.

Book II contains 160 new, Universal 'messages' excerpted from over 20 years of material transcribed during my sessions with The Council Of Seven Teachers.

Additionally in the second and third section of Book II, at the Council's behest, I have included longer, unedited 'Passages' from this same material which begin to reveal the process of the teacher/student relationship.

I am so pleased to finally get this new book to you. I hope the new material in sections II and III will invite you more deeply into my experience with this process and help you see that you can also make these connections yourselves.

With love and peace,



September 30, 2014

Facebook Free Download


I'd like to thank all those who 'liked' our Listening For Light page on Facebook recently. It has been gratifying to see that many have taken an interest in the book and the work. As a thank you gift, I'm posting a special FREE DOWNLOAD containing some material from Book I and some unpublished material as well. These are Lessons as in Book I, and also some longer passages and some anecdotal material. I hope you will enjoy it.

The download is a .pdf file which should be easily viewable on all computers and mobile devices. Here is a link to it:

Click this link for: FREE Listening For Light DOWNLOAD

Thank you all so much,



September 30, 2014

Holy Lightning Strike!


Something remarkable happened lately which I want to share. As you probably know, here in New Mexico we have a lot of thunder and lightning during the spring and summer months. About a month ago lightning hit a redwood tree in our back yard and shot a piece of wood into our living room window breaking the glass in this amazing pattern. I took a photo of it which I'm posting here. Honestly, this is exactly what it looked like - no retouching and this was just a few days after my return from a time of quiet and reflection and working on Listening For Light, Book II in a monestery in Abiqui, New Mexico. Love to you all.


September 16, 2014

Once again, thank you for visiting the Listening For Light website.

I’d like to let you know we now have two Facebook pages, one for me (Karen K. Russell) and another for the book(s), Listening For Light.  I’ve been gratified to receive many ‘likes’ on the book page already and hope this will become a good vehicle in offering the teachings of the Council Of Seven.  While I have been focusing on releasing the first Listening For Light book (2013) and more recently the up-coming second book (2014), I am only now starting to learn how to make these teachings available to a broader audience and Facebook, which is a new experience for me, seems to be working.  Again, thank you all for your support.

The new book, Listening For Light, Book II, will contain lessons as the first book but will also have a section of longer passages which delve into life’s involvements in more depth.  A third section will share the process I went through when I began the unexpected Receiving of these messages.  I hope this experience will help you realize that none of us are more special than any other and we are all capable of ‘Listening’ in this way.


December 17, 2013

There are many Paths to Awareness, many degrees of Enlightenment, there are many Truths within these Paths.

We are Way-showers, Teachers.  We are not the Truth but rather ones who point the Way.  You are to continue your Path which touches the Stars of Light.  You shall never be too old or infirm to do this work.

Being in Brightness is a Path.  Reread our Words often to stay your own path.  Your life appears to fracture like a kaleidoscope, entertaining patterns but little cohesiveness to form a Path.  The lesson is Awareness and then following that Path which is Light-filled.  Only then can one ascend unto God.  Look upward more often, Dear Student.

To Ascend is the Goal, not to float aimlessly.  Control is not the goal but reverence and Being in Light is.


December 10, 2013

Be One with Us now: clear your mind, gather to thee Our Light. Light is everywhere; even unseen it exists. Molecules gather to express the energy you experience as Light. Mortals are surrounded by this field of energy: in some it can be seen, but more often felt.

The man Mandela spent many years in a tiny cell. The confines helped him simplify in order to think, to Receive, to learn of Higher Lessons. Monks and nuns have used small, simple spaces to simplify in order to Listen. His experience became part of his newness, his Enlightenment. Others could not see any Light therein, but he learned to. Eventually he changed and embraced what Peace he could.

He smiles now to see the evidence of love from all who mourn him. He is not regretful, but his smile radiates into the world. He is physically lost to this world, but in Spirit he still moves and lives and teaches. To honor his life is to be more like him: a gentle leader, a changer of souls, of lifepaths. He now becomes more of Light than mortalness. Namaste




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