Listening For Light

The 'Listening For Light' Series Books

by Karen K. Russell

Listening For Light Book 1

Listening For Light, Book I


Listening For Light Book 2

Listening For Light, Book II

We are happy to announce Volume II of Listening For Light is now available (as of March, 2015).
It includes further meditative lessons as in Book I and in addition, some longer, more detailed passages
passed to Karen by the Council of Seven, which also gives insight into how
Karen became the carrier of these messages and how we all have this potential.

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Karen K. Russell, for the past 20 years, has recorded lessons revealed to her by seven Angels, teachers who offer renewed faith, hope and guidance. These Listening For Light books are a collection of daily inspirations selected from this work. Meditating on them will change your life from a path of stones to a Path Of Stars.

Both books, Book I (2013) and Book II (2015) of the Listening For Light series are now available in paperback and in eBook format.  To order Listening For Light, please visit our Books page.

Karen K. Russell: “The prayer writings began in 1989 in Caux, Switzerland, high on a green hilltop, in a palace where I was attending an international peace conference. Nineteen different languages were being simulcast, the Berlin Wall had just fallen, old hatreds were being dissolved, peace was being born between enemies. I had no idea why I was there, frankly, but I had been “guided” to come at that time.”

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